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Gardens Just like our water features, our gardens can come in many diverse themes, sizes, and colors. We are able to account for any color pattern, theme, wild life, or species attraction you may desire. Whether you just want to simply add beauty or your desire it to attract a wide array of wild life in your backyard, we have a garden design just for you. Please read more about the following gardens to learn more.


Butterfly and Hummingbird:

Butterfly Butterfly

These themed gardens are great in areas with a lot of sun exposure. We can install natural walkways and dedicate sitting areas or benches within the garden making it an ideal place for relaxation and family photographs. The multi-colored butterfly gardens attract a wide variety of butterflies and Hummingbirds all day long making it fun for the kids and enjoyable for any nature lover.

Perennials and Texas Landscapes:

Gardens Gardens

A great Texas landscape theme is design around high yield, low maintenance plants and flowers which include multiple types of grasses, perennials, and evergreens. Limestone borders are often used along with Limestone boulders and native river rock. We also use Moss rock (sandstone) in these themes and they look great.

Rock Gardens:

Gardens Gardens

Rock gardens are normally designed around difficult areas that already have lots of bedrock or are in places that have a lot of boulders and rock that are unused. We can take the existing bedrock and clean it and add low growing Sedums, native grasses, or perennials to add texture and color to any rocky area. The plants and flowers we use require very little water and soil but they really soften the hard look of rocks. We can also wildflower seed some rocky areas adding that extra natural punch to the landscape.

Herb gardens:

Herb gardens and edible landscaping are making resurgence in homes around Austin. In the nation, Austin is ranked among the top ten in “GREEN” cities and part of what is taking place is a new found love with gardening that once thrived in our daily lives. We are incorporating herb gardens and vegetable gardens right in the landscape by using a combination of stone, boulders, and traditional pottery to contain the different types of vegetation you may desire. This not only adds appeal but also fragrance and practicality to your landscape. We have a great selection of herbs and vegetables to choose from within our nursery.

Shade Gardens:

Gardens Gardens

We design shade gardens for landscapes that have little sun or lots of trees. Many perennials that yield a high color do not grow well in the shade so we focus on evergreens with a large variety of textures. We have found certain perennials and plants that attract Hummingbirds and we incorporate that into the mix as well. Shade gardens are especially good when a natural sitting area and potted annuals are incorporated. Adding a water feature helps sooth the soul and brings enjoyment to any conversation.

Rustic English and Cottage-style gardens:

With this type of garden we semi-duplicate the look and feel of the country side landscaping of England. We design all our plantings to grow together with pathways and sitting areas in the mix. Herb gardens and edible landscaping go great with an English garden. Add a small water feature and there you have it; landscaping at its finest.