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This is central to any landscaping design because more and more people are spending time outdoors. We are fortunate to live in a climate where we can enjoy our backyard nearly year round. We have done away with the traditional bed in the front and bed in the back and expanded the bedding area to include meandering walkways through all the landscape. We can accomplish this with natural or mortared walkways, a bench and sitting area, and a few accent boulders. This enables you to enjoy your landscape from multiple places in the yard.


PatiosPatios are one of the most important features of any landscape design. Then can really bring the look and feel which ties the entire landscape design all together. It is critical to know exactly why and when you would be using your patio so we can work directly with you to create the patio you will find most beneficial and most enjoyable. It is our goal to provide a patio that will accent your property from every angle to enable you maximum benefit.

Patios donít have to be made just out of the traditional concrete slab. We are equipped and knowledgeable in many diverse designs involving a wide array of materials. We can create for you the increasing popular stone patio, an elegant tile patio, or a custom brick patio, just to name a few. Even if you prefer the traditional concrete design, there are many techniques we can use to modernize and beautify the slab. We can add colors, dyes, and flakes directly in the concrete while we mix it to give it a natural beautiful color. If the slab is preexisting or after it is poured, we can stamp, stain, score, and seal your concrete to give it any look or feel you desire.

Dry Creek Beds

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Dry creek beds are normally used where there are erosion problems. With our design and wide variety of plant knowledge we can take any eroded and neglected area and turn it to be a functional, beautiful landscape drainage area without making it look like a dedicated drainage. In addition we design our dry creek beds to retain as much rainwater as possible without bringing harm to surrounding structures. This gives the ground it needs to allow for deep root growth and provides the minimal drainage to keep water from standing; definitely one of my favorite landscape themes to install.

Stone Borders and Retaining Walls

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Stone retaining walls look natural and beautiful in almost any landscape design. A retaining wall needs to be strong enough to support the landscape behind them and durable enough to withstand the elements for years and years to come. Stone will naturally perform this task. Stone walls provide the look many homeowners are looking for and the functionality necessary for an effective retaining wall.